Is your business’ human resources doing what it needs to do? Has your turnover has been increasing and not sure why? If you have been concerned about these issues or other related issues and/or compliance you may need an HR audit. BIG-HR conducts HR audits to determine whether the current human resource policies in the organization adhere to the company policies and government laws. HR audits help in providing insights into possible causes for current and future problems. Contact us and set up an HR audit today!


Full Detailed HR Audit

Compliance HR Audit

Strategic HR Audit

​Enrolling in BIG-HR Audit Services allows us to:


Full Detailed HR Audit:​

  • Review benefits, compensation, working conditions, leave policies and other human resources matters to determine whether current practices are consistent with the company's values and objectives.

  • Evaluate current recruitment and hiring processes to determine whether current practices are meeting the needs of the business. If not, what changes are needed?

  • Regularly review job descriptions to assure they continue to be accurate. Review should be done at least annually and more frequently in the event of major changes in personnel, structure, etc. Also review all descriptions to be certain that the descriptions are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and that they do not unlawfully discriminate in any manner.

  • Review your current employment application to determine that (i) it includes all the information necessary to evaluate an employee or to make decisions about a candidate seeking employment; (ii) it does not gather superfluous or unnecessary information; and (iii) it does not ask any questions that may be deemed discriminatory or otherwise be deemed unlawful.

  • If you perform formal background checks to determine criminal records, etc., regularly review the employees' authorization for checks to be certain it is compliant with current law.

  • Review your entire recruitment and hiring process, as well as treatment of current employees, to assure there are no unlawful practices in place. Particular examination of matters like drug testing, arrest records and conviction records and confirm your jurisdiction's current rules regarding those issues. Regularly review all employment discrimination and equal employment opportunity policies to assure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local law.

  •  Interview persons who do interviews regarding lawful and unlawful questions. Specifically identify questions that are off limits, e.g., questions about plans for child care, as well as areas of inquiry that could lead to legality concerns.

  • Review any standard offer letter to assure that it accurately reflects current policy and practice. If you are an "at will" employer, you should include relevant language in offer letters. It is wise to have an HR specialist or employment attorney review your standard letter to assure compliance.

  • Review no less than annually your classification of exempt and non-exempt employees to be certain employees are correctly categorized and compensated. 

  • Review and evaluate your orientation process. Do you provide mentoring for new employees? How do new employees learn about company policies, culture, etc.? Determine whether a group orientation or individual one-on-one orientation best serves your company and your workforce.

  • Review practices on assigning overtime work and review the timeliness of payment of regular compensation and overtime. 

  • Review your entire compensation program and seek to eliminate any disparity among similarly situated employees.  Review your program to assure equitable treatment of employees.

  • Gather information to evaluate your compensation package in light of compensation at similar companies in your geographic area.

  • Regularly review all workers to be certain that no worker is wrongly categorized as an independent contractor when in fact the individual is an employee. Review the criteria used by the IRS and the DOL in distinguishing contractors from employees.

  • Review practice with regard to payment of final compensation to a departing employee to assure compliance with applicable state law.

  • Review current practices for reporting to third parties regarding health plans and benefits, disability, etc. Ensure that all required reports are prepared in an orderly and timely fashion. 

  • Obtain current, accurate information on the Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) and its application to your company. Be certain that your current health care coverage is compliant, and determine what changes will be necessary going forward to continue compliance.

  • Monitor COBRA in order to be aware of any modification of the law. Also monitor state law so that you are aware of any new state benefits or modification of current benefits.

  • Include a review of all other benefits, e.g., flex-time, flexible spending accounts, etc. Carefully review your entire leave policy including vacation, sick leave, disability leave, personal days, holidays, etc.

  • Provide a detailed report on all findings and recommednations for correction and solutions.



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