The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act) adds many protections related to employment-based group health plans for individuals and their families.  These include extending dependent coverage up to age 26; prohibiting preexisting condition exclusions for children under age 19 and for all individuals (started in 2014); requiring easy-to-understand summaries of a health plan’s benefits and coverage; coverage for preventative services and essential health benefits; plus much more. 


In addition to health coverage through an employment-based group health plan, there is also the Health Insurance Marketplace.  The Marketplace offers health insurance, called qualified health plans, that include comprehensive coverage from doctors and medications to hospital visits.  It allows individuals and families to make apples-to-apples comparisons between qualified health plans to find the right plan at the right price, with the possibility of obtaining subsidies to help pay for health coverage.  


The bottom line is that ACA has governed that Americans must have health coverage, and larger business must make affordable health coverage available. Strict compliance and reporting regulations have now been put in place, and individuals and employers may be penalized heavily (companies penalized per return) for disregarding these regulations, not reporting, not offering health coverage, and/or failing to file.   

  • 96 percent of employers plan to continue to offer an employer-sponsored health plan;

  • 82 percent say compliance with the law has led to increased costs this year;

  • 71 percent believe the costliest years of complying with PPACA lie ahead.

  • 27 percent believe that the largest cost increase will occur in 2020, when the Cadillac tax kicks in;

  • 50 percent believe their current plan would trigger the tax, but just 3 percent say they plan to pay it.

Overall, you don't have to let the Affordable Care Act feel intimidating anymore. BIG-HR can take care of all compliance issues for you so you can focus on your business and your family.


ACA Consulting

ACA Compliance

1094/1095 Reports

ACA Monitoring

​Enrolling in BIG-HR's ACA Monitoring & Reporting allows us to:


  • Provide all ACA law changes and updates as they pertain to employees and the employer status.

  • Conduct FTE calculations and help determine and monitor stability periods, administration periods, and look back periods.

  • Provide Measurement Period tracking for all variable employees.

  • Provide, analyze, and monitor plan affordability as it pertains to ACA rules and regulations.

  • Form 1094/1095 data gathering and completion each year.

  • Print all 1095/1094 forms and mail to employees and file with the IRS.

  • Provide penalty exposure warnings to client.

  • Provide documentation in the event of an DOL audit.

  • Monitor and provide client updates on employees within measurements periods and who is eligible and has become ineligible for benefits enrollment/disenrollment.

  • Provide dedicated Specialist for client support for all ACA related needs.

  • Provide client with employee communication tools as needed relating to ACA status and eligibility.

We are a growing company in the greater Cleveland area and I like knowing we are in compliance with the ever changing HR and compliance needs.  BIG-HR’s monthly process is easy and efficient.

-CARSTAR Brunswick

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